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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Benefits of Online Learning

参加在线课程为学生提供了按照自己的进度和时间表学习的灵活性. Learners can balance work, family and other commitments seamlessly, crafting a schedule that fits their lifestyle.

In addition, 在线学习可以创建一个超越地理界限的学习社区,并提供便利, cost-effective and enriching educational experience.

At LCCC, 我们有很多学位可以完全在线学习,也可以通过现场实习获得. 在线学生也可以获得学生服务和支持, as well as a robust learning management system.

Online Learning FAQs

Learning online for the first time? 我们已经找到了一些最常见的在线学习问题的答案.

Are LCCC’s online courses accredited?

Yes. 在线课程与我们的传统课程具有相同的认证地位. 你的成绩单上会显示课程名称、学习时间和最终成绩, but it will not include whether you completed the course online or in person.  


Some online courses may require that you take your exams in the Testing Center 在施内克斯维尔主校区的学生服务中心. For example, many math courses require proctored exams. 

If an online course at LCCC requires you to come to campus, 如果这对你来说是一个问题,在学期开始时联系你的导师. 他们会为无法前往主校区的学生提供其他建议. 



Most online classes are asynchronous, 这意味着你不需要在特定的时间上课. However, 你应该每周多次登录你的课堂,因为会有特定作业的截止日期. Some classes require proctored exams on campus, 但你可以在一个特定的时间框架内预约,以适应你的日程安排. 你应该查一下课程大纲,或者如果你有问题就去找你的老师. 

Do I have to pay extra for online classes?

LCCC online courses do not directly have any additional fees, but additional proctoring fees may apply. 

How do I get started in an online course?

  • 注册一门在线课程,就像你在学校里注册其他课程一样. 
    • If you are a new student at LCCC, contact the Admissions Office for information. 
    • If you are a returning student, you may register in the Registration/Student Records (also known as Enrollment Services) Office or online. 
  • Get your required books and supplies. The College Bookstore can help locate what you need for each course. 
  • To access your online course, log into myLCCC. 然后点击页面左侧的LaunchPad中的“Connect to Online Courses in Canvas”. 

How many hours per week should I devote to an online course?

花在在线课程上的时间与面对面的课程没有什么不同. You’ll generally spend between 9-12 hours per week for each 3-credit, 15-week course.  

What are the different formats of classes offered at LCCC?

LCCC有五种不同的课程形式:(1)面对面课程, (2) remote class, (3) online class, (4) hybrid class, and (5) expanded classroom. Visit our instructional methods page to learn more about our different formats. 

Out-of-State Admission Information


Tips for Successful Online Learning

New to online learning? In addition to our Canvas student orientation,我们整理了一些建议,帮助你作为一名在线学生获得学业上的成功.  

Getting Started

  • 熟悉如何通过web访问课程 LCCC Portal.
  • 登录Canvas学习管理系统(LMS) myLCCC Portal 然后点击LAUNCHPAD中的“连接到画布中的在线课程”链接.
  • 花点时间浏览每门课程,下载并阅读教学大纲,并在Canvas中查看其他材料.
  • Make sure that your computer and your software are up to date.
  • 联系你的教练介绍你自己,确保你知道如何最好地联系他们.

How to Succeed

  • Complete the Canvas Student Orientation.
  • Complete your work on time.
  • Set up a schedule to complete your coursework and stick to it.
  • 避免任何影响你完成工作的因素.
  • Contact your instructor with any questions.
  • Check in to the course often to look for any new information.
  • 保留你提交的所有文件的副本,以防以后在检索文件时出现问题.

Seek Help Early

  • Don’t wait to ask for help!  The longer you wait, the bigger the issue becomes.
  • Your instructor should be the first person you contact. They can usually offer the best and quickest solution. Their contact information should be in your syllabus.
  • Use all available resources. There is a list of resources in Canvas called “LCCC Resources” that can be helpful. 本课程也可以通过单击出现在Canvas左侧导航栏上的图钉图标找到.

Asking Questions

  • 仔细阅读在线课程的课程介绍/教学大纲,找出与老师沟通的最佳方式. For example, 有些老师会要求你把所有问题发到课堂讨论论坛上,而另一些老师会要求你把问题直接发邮件给老师.
  • 确定你如何或何时可以联系你的导师预约办公时间.
  • 利用所有可用的方法向老师和同学提问,比如电子邮件, forums, video conference, etc.
  • 每周登录几次在线教室,这样你就可以参与在线讨论,及时阅读所有信息.

Time Management Skills

  • 尽早开始复习课程作业,只要它是可用的.
  • 保存它或下载作业,以便您可以在需要时离开计算机进行作业.
  • 计划你的工作:确定你将如何以及何时完成课程.
  • Create a schedule that will help you meet your due dates.
  • 设定你自己的最后期限,在截止日期之前完成你的课程.
  • Save your work often.
  • 在提交之前检查你的作业是否有任何错误或问题.

Organization Skills

  • Develop a routine that works for you that promotes success.
  • 创建一个个人的工作空间,在那里你可以完成我们的工作,并保持它的组织.
  • Save your work and keep copies of everything that you submit.
  • Use a daily planner or calendar to keep yourself on schedule .

Study Skills

  • WRITE! Write things down. You tend to remember something better if you write it.
  • READ! Stay current with the reading assignments for your courses.
  • SWITCH! 在课程之间切换可以在科目之间提供精神休息.
  • BREAKS! Take breaks to avoid overloading on one subject.
  • COMFORT. 如果你感到舒适,你更有可能避免分心,专注于工作.
  • TALK! 通过与同学交流,你可以分享信息或一起学习.

Contact Us

有关LCCC在线课程的更多信息,请致电610-799-1591或610-799-1919. You can also email us at Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

For Canvas Support, contact 1-855-564-4646 or 



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